Training Landscape Stewards

Rhode Island Agricultural Workforce Development Program is fostering career growth while helping safeguard ecosystems.


The USCG plays a critical role in enforcement and search and rescue—always ready to tackle emerging issues such as IUU fishing and opening of the Arctic.

Women Take the Helm

How the Newport sailing community is slowly elevating female sailors.

Dirty, Muddy, Cold, and Wet––And Loving It

Oyster farm workers describe their calling.

Taking Root

Environmental activists in Providence grow local efforts to tackle climate change and systemic issues and injustices.

Shell Company

The past, present, and future of selling seashell art.

Shoreline Access App Gets an Update

Rhode Island Sea Grant worked to update important shoreline access points on a web app to ensure better accessibility across the state.


Rhode Island’s Ocean and Coastal Magazine

– From the Archive –

Kelp On The Cusp

Powdered, pickled, or brewed, the savory seaweed may finally be having its moment.

Community Upraising

How a devastating fire rallied neighbors around Wickford Shipyard’s George and Dominic Zachorne.

Saving an Endangered Species and Iconic Fishery

Can we save the North Atlantic Right whale and protect fisheries?

Moving On Up

Rising water in Warren prompts officials to consider development and relocation plans to move people and businesses out of the floodplain.

Whose Right?

Coastal access is constitutional in Rhode Island, but controversial.

Building an Ocean Expedition

What it takes to study the oceans.

South Providence’s “Slice of Water Access”

Restoring public access in Providence.

Into The Deep: Book Review

A memoir from the man who found the Titanic.

Cage Fight

Oyster farmers face off against objectors to their expansion plans.

Green Grab Cuisine

A culinary solution to invasive species.

Climate Migrants Altering Marine Communities

Warming waters welcome new species further north, changing the landscape.

A River Runs Through It

Antiquated dams are putting Rhode Island cities and towns in peril.

Call Me Climate Refugee

Moby-Dick offers first-hand insights into whale behavior and biology, but also serves as a warning about ignoring climate change.

Architecture for the Birds, the Bees, and the Rising Seas

“Ecological Piers” in Touisset Refuge illustrate environmental change, connect visitors to the landscape, and provide habitat for birds and bees.

The Birth of Ocean Science in Rhode Island

Two late-19th century scientists established the first marine labs in Rhode Island. Though the labs were short-lived, their vision has been realized.

King of the Bay

Through trials and tribulations, Jody King’s passion for quahogs and people gets him through.

In Times of Hardship, Saved by the Sea

Turning to the sea for sustenance has been a way of life in Rhode Island for generations. What does that look like today?

Take It Outside

COVID-19 effects on mental health and Rhode Island’s coast.

Along the Keel

A conversation with local podcaster, Zach Rollins.


Pandemic drives recreation and vacations out to sea.

Building the High Road

Roadwork planning can be complicated and preparing roads to withstand flooding and erosion takes the complexity to a new level.

The Experimental Coast

Rhode Island’s living shoreline project could reduce urban erosion.

The Outlaw Ocean: Book Review

Journeys across the last untamed ocean by Ian Urbina.

Catching a Break

Fishermen and oyster growers explore new markets as COVID transforms seafood industry.

Serving Up Rhode Island Seafood

Enjoying the best of local, Rhode Island seafood.

Living with Lyme

Finding fortitude as environmentally-acquired diseases are on the rise due to climate change.

Unhealthy Temperature

Rethinking public health as climate changes.

Following the Fish

Rhode Island fishing fleets adapt to species shift.

One Block In: Rebuilding after Sandy

Misquamicut businesses rebuild and adapt seven years after Sandy.

Flushing into the Flood

Wastewater treatment facilities are situated at the bottom of the hill for a reason. But as sea level rises, this design feature can make it harder to flush.

Unsafe Harbor

Reaction instead of preparation may drive the fate of ports, which are especially vulnerable to hurricanes and rising seas.

Resilience Shapes Investments

Warren invests in its future and plans for 3-feet of sea level rise.

Book Review: Rising

Communities with fewer resources are being hit harder by sea level rise, reveals Elizabeth Rush in “Rising: Dispatches from the New American Shore.”

Mapping the Road to Resilience

The redesign of Tiverton’s Grinnell Beach included building a shade structure with sails that can be removed if a major storm is forecast. The renovations should inspire similar projects throughout the state.

A Rising Challenge

Elevated buildings could turn a town’s waterfront into a wall of house-scrapers.

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