Cage Fight

Oyster farmers face off against objectors to their expansion plans.

Green Grab Cuisine

A culinary solution to invasive species.

Climate Migrants Altering Marine Communities

Warming waters welcome new species further north, changing the landscape.

A River Runs Through It

Antiquated dams are putting Rhode Island cities and towns in peril.

Call Me Climate Refugee

Moby-Dick offers first-hand insights into whale behavior and biology, but also serves as a warning about ignoring climate change.

Architecture for the Birds, the Bees, and the Rising Seas

“Ecological Piers” in Touisset Refuge illustrate environmental change, connect visitors to the landscape, and provide habitat for birds and bees.

The Birth of Ocean Science in Rhode Island

Two late-19th century scientists established the first marine labs in Rhode Island. Though the labs were short-lived, their vision has been realized.


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